Special offer

Costume summer fabric mixed COS060

rubles.646 rubles.

Summer suit fabric shirting COS058 pixel

rubles. 524 rubles.

Summer suit children's cloth camping tent art. COS067

rubles.649 rubles.

Costume summer fabric mixed COS060

rubles.646 rubles.

Production and sale of overalls wholesale from Ivanovo


Company "Textile Master", Ivanovo is pleased to offer You a variety of clothing of own production. We work as a manufacturer since 2011, producing sets of protective and special clothing, signal clothing, gloves and mittens.

Clothing is the uniform for various applications, manufactured to order to meet certain requirements. Protective clothing-gloves, gloves, suits, sleeves; work shoes-boots, boots; work clothes-winter and summer suits. 

The working clothes made at our enterprise not only meet the important requirements of convenience and practicality, but also are characterized by magnificent design. Special care about the effectiveness and aesthetics of our Costume’s provides the prestige of any company that buys our products.


Working with the manufacturer of clothing "Textile Master" directly, you:

  • save 20%-50% of the order amount;
  • you have an opportunity to order products from the fabrics which are not specified in the price list;
  • you can order the non-standard sizes of products, and also-the models executed according to Your sketches;
  • order the application of branding and labeling on any product you ordered.

Our advantage:

  1. Work clothes are made of durable, abrasion resistant, high-quality fabrics, most of which are performed and implemented by our company. In the course of reliable used sewing threads and accessories.
  2. All models realized by us are carried out taking into account all technical requirements which are imposed to this or that type of working clothes (resistance to the increased loadings, rainfall, aggressive substances, high temperature, etc.), and also - esthetics, convenience, practicality, etc. All finished products completely correspond to the current standards and requirements, and models are created with participation of experts of high qualification.
  3. Well-established production of work wear, which employs highly skilled seamstresses, allows you to implement the designers’ ideas quickly and efficiently. High-tech, modern sewing equipment is used in the production. Neat finish, reliable seams, smooth lines — all this indicates the working and uniform high quality.
  4. Well-coordinated work of specialists allows customers interested in working clothes wholesale, choose the goods as quickly as possible, as well as receive it without any delay. This is an important advantage of cooperation with the company — all work processes are clearly controlled and interconnected.

Buying overalls wholesale in Ivanovo, from the Textile Master company, you can be sure of its faultless quality and high level of reliability.